delivered automated instrument recognition with >95% accuracy in less than 90 days.

hokuyaku takeyama
Hokutake hokuyaku takeyama
HOKUYAKU TAKEYAMA Holdings, Inc. is a holding company which distributes medicine drugs and medical equipment through its subsidiaries. The group companies also produce and sell chemical drugs as well as pesticide chemical, and provide delivery services.

The Challenge

Long a supplier of sterilization equipment for hospital CSSD(central sterile supply department) and OR (operating room) functions, Hokutake has beenat the forefront of the shift from stand alone equipment sales to a service-centric offering, providing integrated solutions to hospitals with the potential to improve efficiency and patient outcomes by dramatically reducing response times and the potential for surgical errors.

Part of their CSSD service offering is supplying pre-packed sterilized boxes containing all of the surgical equipment necessary for a specific procedure. These sterilized containers must contain the precise instruments needed for the specific procedures for which they are designated.

Any error in the selection and packing of the equipment for a given operation could result in dangerous delays, which could be costly, time consuming and in some cases even life threatening.

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Recognizing the project as a first step in a long-term AI Transformation strategy, Hokutake worked closely with Neuromation to define the scope of the project, system requirements and guidance for the entire period of the engagement.
Custom Computer Vision Instrument Recognition
Over 95% accuracy on hundreds of medical instruments
Material reduction in surgical instrument box failure

The Solution developed a camera-based AI solution for the automated detection & identification of surgical tools to ensure the correct contents of these boxes for specific procedures. Knowledge gained from this pilot are being

incorporated into further planned stages of system development, which should see improved efficiency and process automation, allowing for further scaling of the solution to account for all instruments and box configurations.

The company reached a short-term goal of a highly accurate pilot system, while building the foundations for ongoing AI Transformation.