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Let us take care of your ML infrastructure in a simple monthly support contract.

We solve MLOps and let your team focus on the models. has the technology and people to get the job done.

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Research Phase

Research Phase

  • Our Ph.Ds in ML help you define the problem and map relevant academic research
  • Our Research Team helps you properly define hypothesis, criteria and metrics
  • We find and deploy the best vendors for data, labeling, augmentation, obfuscation
  • We help you predict the costs and timelines of your project
Model Development

Model Development

  • Our MLOps team unfolds your own instance of platform on-prem and in the cloud
  • platform is configured with your custom toolkit and workflows
  • Our MLOps Team is on call to help manage the process
  • Our Research Team is also on call to help with model selection and theory
Model Deployment

Model Deployment

  • The MLOps team is available to configure your preferred tools to deploy, version and monitor your models
  • We provision Kubernetes clusters for deployment
  • We assist in set-up of auto deployment schemes straight from the Model Development pipeline
  • Need model pruning for edge deployment? Our team is available to get running effectively.