Getting Started is a flexible and robust machine learning platform. It consists of two parts:

  • Core is a resource orchestrator. It can be installed in a cloud or on-premise and combines compute, storage, and environments (Docker images) in one system with single sign-on authentication (SSO) and advanced permission management system. This part frees teams from DevOps.
  • Toolbox is a toolset integrator. It contains integrations with various open-source and commercial tools required for modern ML/AI development. This part addresses the majority of MLOps issues a team may have.

In this guide, we show the following operations:

  • Installing CLI: see how to install CLI on Linux, OS X, or Windows, or use web Terminal.
  • Meeting get to know Core components: jobs, environments, and storage.
  • Developing on GPU: start developing on GPU in Jupyter Notebooks with the help of Toolbox project template.