Arthur McCallum
Arthur McCallum
Director of Partnerships

AI Transformation Takes a Village

Arthur is an AI Strategist focusing on Digital Transformation, hardware and cloud infrastructure. Working with industry leaders in the GPU, cloud services and ML software sectors, he is dedicated to helping startups and enterprises find the hardware and cloud solutions they need to responsibly scale AI Transformation. Arthur takes a hands-on approach to engagement of tech and business teams to facilitate the development of specific AI/ML use cases, educate stakeholders, select ML technologies, and integrate AI/ML solutions into business processes.

Arthur’s partnership mission is focused on growing’s ecosystem to include the world’s most innovative technology partners, establishing a network that provides our clients with all the resources, technologies and people required to effectively and safely scale their AI strategies.

Arthur is passionate about learning and is most happy in a room of smarter people developing solutions to hard problems.

MIT Sloan Executive Education – Digital Transformation
Columbia University Executive Education – Executive Data Scientist
AWS Fundamentals Specialization