Mariya Davydova
Mariya Davydova
COO at AI Infrastructure Alliance, Head of Product at

MLOps Expertise

“Software developers and ML practitioners alike need best-in-class tools to create the best solutions” is Mariya Davydova’s credo. Her professional passion is meta-products: the ones used by domain-oriented specialists for solving their business problems, be those from the software, machine learning, or needlecraft worlds.

Having broad experience from enterprise software development through customer relationships and developer advocacy to product management, she creates best-in-class software and MLOps solutions in a diversity of domains. 

Mariya’s MLOps expertise allows her to architect and build complex enterprise-level MLOps solutions that incorporate the principles of reproducibility, automation, collaboration, and accountability.   

Being a proactive community leader, she participates in the management of several communities, including, AI Infrastructure Alliance, and Community. 

Mariya’s functional expertise includes: MLOps, Software Development, Software Architecture, MLOps Solutions Architecture, Customer Relationship, Agile.