GPT Solution

Complete solution for your GPT-like services and AI models training and inference

Discover the cutting-edge AI training, fine-tuning and inference service from, leveraging the power of atNorth and Cato green infrastructure. This cost-effective and eco-friendly solution offers unparalleled performance, bundled with the platform for seamless integration.

Savings compared to AWS:

  • x3 on training
  • x8 on inference
  • atNorth renewable energy datacenters
  • Cato carbon-free bare metal
  • Green Scheduler

Packaged with the MLOps Platform, streamlining deployment MLOps Platform
MLOps MLOps Platform

Pipelines creation, resource orchestration, automation on cloud

  • Pre-packed MLOps tools
  • Unique Green Scheduler
  • 10 hours of personalized MLOps Support
Supercomputer DGX with 8x NVIDIA A100
Supercomputer DGX with 8x NVIDIA A100

64 vCPU, 1TB RAM, 16TB SSD, PCI 4th Gen

  • 20TB of on-demand storage
  • 16 on-demand vCPUs for utility tasks
Application Server with Intel Xeon
Application Server with Intel Xeon

56 vCore, 256GB RAM, 512GB SSD

  • Carbon-free bare metal
  • Low-cost inference
  • SLA 99.5%

Bundle Price: $11 950 /month

*compare to $37,835/month for the same bare metal + Sagemaker with AWS

Transform Your Data and Drive Success!