Featured in AI and Human Rights Report

June 23, 2022

At we believe in the power of community and positive change through the dialogue. This week we mark an important milestone in Ethical and Sustainable strategy that we have recently implied in our company – a report from a non-profit organization “All tech is human”. CEO has been featured in the latest paper by the responsible AI community and answered a range of questions on the current and future state of Ethical AI and our role in the fast-changing industry: 

“Beginning in 2021, announced a major new initiative and strategic direction for the company: Green AI – to be supported by our new Zero-Emissions AI Cloud and our high-efficiency, waste-reducing cloud and on-Orem MLOps software offerings.’s Green AI goals and values include:

•Provide a 100% renewable energy, zero-emission option for AI development, training, and deployment TODAY

•Support sustainable, repeatable, and rapid AI development via implementation of MLOps best practices, improved efficiency and reduction of “digital waste”

• Help our AI development clients see their projects through an ethical AI lens and a climate lens—and enable them to act on what they nd

• Assist our customers and partners in achieving net-zero carbon emissions ahead of global regulatory requirements

• Engage openly and broadly on Green AI, Ethical AI, and sustainability issues

• Allow for accelerated near-term ethical AI development and deployment while maintaining sustainability and carbon neutrality

Going forward, will track our progress towards these goals and will further seek to combine our efforts in this area with other interested parties via joint projects, meetings, and commitments.”

Read the whole paper via the link.