Neuro Team presents the 2022 MLOps Platforms Vendor Analysis Report

August 04, 2021

The team has prepared some top-notch treats for you! A new report on the state of #MachineLearning Operations Platforms in 2022.

Here are the main highlights of the fast-growing MLOps industry:

∙ In 2020, 44% of leaders in AI adoption used a standardized toolset to create production-ready data pipelines.

∙ $4 bln in annual revenue is projected to be generated by MLOps platforms by 2025.

∙ Interoperability emerged as a critical requirement for MLOps platforms. It indicates the feasibility and ease of integrating various MLOps tools into a single consolidated setup for end-to-end operations.

∙ 73% of business leaders believe that MLOps adoption will keep them competitive, and 24% think it could propel them to the industry leader pedestal.

∙ Using the MLOps platform can reduce model development and deployment timelines by 2X-10X.

Read the full text here.