neuro job ls

List all jobs

Usage #

neuro job ls [OPTIONS]

List all jobs.

Examples #

$ neuro ps -a $ neuro ps --name my-experiments-v1 -s failed -s succeeded $ neuro ps --description=my favourite job $ neuro ps -s failed -s succeeded -q

Options #

-s, --status [pending|running|succeeded|failed|all]Filter out job by status (multiple option). Note: option all is deprecated, use neuro ps -a instead.
-a, --allShow all jobs regardless the status (equivalent to -s pending -s running -s succeeded -s failed)
-n, --name NAMEFilter out jobs by name
-d, --description DESCRIPTIONFilter out jobs by description (exact match)
-q, --quietRun command in quiet mode (DEPRECATED)
-w, --wideDo not cut long lines for terminal width
--helpShow this message and exit.