neuro job run

Run a job with predefined resources...

Usage #

neuro job run [OPTIONS] IMAGE [CMD]...

Run a job with predefined resources configuration.

IMAGE container image name.

CMD list will be passed as commands to model container.

Examples #

# Starts a container pytorch:latest on a machine with smaller GPU resources # (see exact values in `neuro config show`) and with two volumes mounted: # storage://~ --> /var/storage/home (in read-write mode), # storage://neuromation --> /var/storage/neuromation (in read-only mode). $ neuro run --preset=gpu-small --volume=HOME pytorch:latest # Starts a container using the custom image my-ubuntu:latest stored in neuromation # registry, run / and pass arg1 and arg2 as its arguments: $ neuro run -s cpu-small image://~/my-ubuntu:latest --entrypoint=/ arg1 arg2

Options #

-s, --preset PRESETPredefined resource configuration (to see available values, run neuro config show)
-x, --extshm / -X, --no-extshmRequest extended '/dev/shm' space [default: True]
--http PORTEnable HTTP port forwarding to container [default: 80]
--http-auth / --no-http-authEnable HTTP authentication for forwarded HTTP port [default: True]
-n, --name NAMEOptional job name
-d, --description DESCOptional job description in free format
-q, --quietRun command in quiet mode (DEPRECATED)
-v, --volume MOUNTMounts directory from vault into container. Use multiple options to mount more than one volume. --volume=HOME is an alias for storage://~:/var/storage/home:rw and storage://neuromation:/var/storage/neuromation:ro
--entrypoint TEXTExecutable entrypoint in the container (note that it overwrites ENTRYPOINT and CMD instructions of the docker image)
-e, --env VAR=VALSet environment variable in container Use multiple options to define more than one variable
--env-file PATHFile with environment variables to pass
--wait-start / --no-wait-startWait for a job start or failure [default: True]
--pass-config / --no-pass-configUpload neuro config to the job [default: False]
--browseOpen a job's URL in a web browser
--detachDon't attach to job logs and don't wait for exit code
--helpShow this message and exit.