neuro port-forward

Forward port(s) of a running job to local...

Usage #

neuro port-forward [OPTIONS] JOB LOCAL_REMOTE_PORT...

Forward port(s) of a running job to local port(s).

Examples #

# Forward local port 2080 to port 80 of job's container. # You can use http://localhost:2080 in browser to access job's served http $ neuro job port-forward my-fastai-job 2080:80 # Forward local port 2222 to job's port 22 # Then copy all data from container's folder '/data' to current folder # (please run second command in other terminal) $ neuro job port-forward my-job-with-ssh-server 2222:22 $ rsync -avxzhe ssh -p 2222 root@localhost:/data . # Forward few ports at once $ neuro job port-forward my-job- 2080:80 2222:22 2000:100

Options #

--no-key-checkDisable host key checks. Should be used with caution.
--helpShow this message and exit.