MLOps Platform and services from EXPERIENCED ML EXPERTS platform seamlessly stitches your on-prem and cloud resources, deploys pipelines, integrates your open-source and commercial development tools. lets data scientists focus on what’s most important: building effective models.

2021 Report on MLOps Platform Vendors is pleased to share a new report – 2021 MLOps Platform Vendor Analysis. Developed for AI/ML leaders like you, we’ve analyzed how 10 MLOPs vendors stack up in terms of infrastructure, data management, model development, model training, tuning, and deployment.
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MLOps intro

What is MLOps?

Today, everyone wants to be a machine learning hero, but only a handful of tech leaders know how to move an AI project from concept to production without night sweats (and awkward conversations with the CEO). You can be one of them. Without growing the headcount of your engineering team.


MLOps Platform

Out of the box spins up a full-fledged ML development environment with all the tools you need at your fingertips. provides management of the infrastructure and processes for successful ML development at scale. Our team seamlessly stitches your on-prem and cloud resources, deploys pipelines, integrates your open-source and commercial development tools.

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Zero-emission AI Сloud

Accelerate time-to-market for new products with AI cloud — a managed cloud environment with best MLOps tools and support included, powered by green energy from atNorth. AI Cloud is based in a near-Arctic location in Iceland. It’s powered by 100% renewable geothermal and hydro energy, plus free-air cooling. You can’t go greener than that.

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MLOps Solutions

It’s a crying shame that data scientists today spend so little of their time doing data science. The reality is that teams spend most of their day on data wrangling, data preparation, handling software packages and frameworks, configuring infrastructure, and integrating various components. solves this – it’s like having an experienced MLOps team in-house to shave months off of your development schedule.

With you will never have a “just read the manual” moment. is a managed service. This means constant support, and leaving nothing to chance. When your organization needs a new tool or methodology, we are there to operationalize it. We help you maintain every step of your ML development pipeline.

MLOps Discover Survey

Thank you for your consideration of the platform as a solution for your team’s MLOps. This Discovery Questionnaire allows our teams to quickly and thoroughly assess the value of the platform for your projects and tailor our offering to your specific requirements.

This survey starts with introductory questions, then covers three major components of the ML project lifecycle (Data, Model, Deploy), and concludes with some general organizational questions. It should require less than 20 minutes of your time.

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Insights AI Cloud presentation at Digital Transformation Week in Amsterdam

The team has recently officially presented our zero-emissions AI Cloud during the Digital Transformation Week in Amsterdam. Sebastiaan Holtslag of atNorth and CEO Constantine Goltsev presented at the main stage. Watch the video from this event or read the summary to learn more about sustainable compute and responsible AI.

Sebastiaan Holtslag: Our data centers are concentrated in an audience where we leverage a combination of geothermal and hydropower energy. The next step in... Launches Zero-Emission AI Cloud with Integrated MLOps Technology Stack Optimized for NVIDIA Architectures, the San Francisco-based developer of cutting edge AI infrastructure, is proud to announce the launch of the AI Cloud, its first zero-emissions AI cloud integrated with a complete stack of MLOps tooling for the entire machine learning lifecycle. 

In partnership with sustainable data center leader, atNorth, the AI Cloud has been built from the ground up to simplify and accelerate AI development and deployment. Leveraging the latest AI-optimized NVIDIA GPU architectures, including the A100-powered DGX and HGX systems, the AI Cloud provides market leading developer experience and unified resource management for...

Neuro Team presents the 2021 MLOps Platforms Vendor Analysis Report

The team has prepared some top-notch treats for you! A new report on the state of #MachineLearning Operations Platforms in 2021.

Here are the main highlights of the fast-growing MLOps industry:

∙ In 2020, 44% of leaders in AI adoption used a standardized toolset to create production-ready data pipelines.

∙ $4 bln in annual revenue is projected to be generated by MLOps platforms by 2025.

∙ Interoperability emerged as a critical requirement for MLOps platforms. It indicates the feasibility and ease of integrating various MLOps tools into a single consolidated setup for end-to-end operations.

ML System Design Session #1: Federated Learning

Artem Yushkovsky ( and Paulo Maia (NILG.AI)

The initiative

The original idea of these ML System Design Sessions was to be somewhat similar to a community reading club format, where one or multiple team members research a paper, present it to the group and then discuss it. But this format, while awesome for diving into new research topics, can sometimes feel lacking in the practical part.

So, we at and decided to try another format where the topic is not a specific paper but an entire research area; and then after a short discussion...

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