MLOps Platform is your remote MLOps team, that provides complete set-up and management of the infrastructure and processes you need for successful ML development at scale. Our team seamlessly stitches your on-prem and cloud resources, deploys pipelines, and integrates your favorite open-source and commercial development tools. let's data scientists focus on what’s most important: building effective models.

ML Open Source is rich and that's what we stitch! For you: Awesome Production Machine Learning from Ethical AI. There are well over a hundred frameworks, libraries and tools here. We know what fits best where. Leave the administrative overhead to us - we're your remote MLOps team.

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  • was professional and engaging throughout the contract proposal and execution process. Focusing strongly on customer satisfaction, they delivered a timely and quality product all the while raising the awareness of state of the art AI to the Royal Canadian Air Force personnel involved with the project.’

    Darren McGuire, Contractor for the Royal Canadian Air Force

  • Platform is just amazing. I use it every day for my personal projects - I can't imagine my workflow without it.

    Kyryl Truskovskyi, Machine Learning Engineer at BorealisAI

  • DataArt is excited about the features that the platform provides. It stands out as a best-in-class machine learning development tool and is proving to be practically useful helping us to build solutions for our clients. We are looking forward to using in the future.

    Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt

  • Creating and administering a Machine Learning infrastructure is time-consuming. AI researchers are looking for a platform with an easy-to-use, robust job scheduling system and the ability to configure environments for different experiments manually. Platform solves both of these issues exceptionally well. It allows you to create a reproducible recipe without being distracted by hardware issues.

    Ivan Sorokin, Research Scientist at

  • offers convenient tools for monitoring datasets, supervising the training process, and a general kit that makes working with Jupyter a joy. I also like the ability to run multiple experiments, hyperparameter searches from a command line in the browser shell, and this allows me to work on any device or platform. I am even checking on my experiments from my cell phone. Thanks to, my job as an ML Developer is a little easier!

    Alexei Tarasov, ML engineer at

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It's a crying shame that data scientists today spend so little of their time doing data science. The reality is that teams spend most of their day on data wrangling, data preparation, handling software packages and frameworks, configuring infrastructure, and integrating various components. solves this - it's like having an experienced MLOps team in-house to shave months off of your development schedule.

[Hidden] Info: managed service

With you will never have a "just read the manual" moment. is a managed service. This means constant support, and leaving nothing to chance. When your organization needs a new tool or methodology, we are there to operationalize it. We help you maintain every step of your ML development pipeline.

[Hidden] Info: cost optimisation

Industry reports attest that 80%+ of data science projects never make it into production, while consuming far more resources and time than originally anticipated. A sound MLOps process and implementation addresses this challenge by combining AI/ML practices with DevOps to create continuous development and delivery (CI/CD) of data and ML functionality that controls the costs and de-risks delivery.

Out of the box spins up a full-fledged ML development environment with all the tools you need at your fingertips. If you don't see something you want in the table, you will probably find it here: Awesome Production Machine Learning let us know, and we'll add it to your deployment.

FrameWorksTensorFlow, PyTorch, Catalyst, runs your framework
Experiment TrackingTensor BoardW&B (just add your token)
Hyper Parameter SearchNNIW&B (just add your token)
Remote DebuggingVisual Studio CodePy Charm Professional (just add your license)
Distributed Native, Horovod, PyTorch 1.5We run your custom framework
Model DeploymentSeldon, Cortex, TORCHSERVEAlgorithmia (just add your token)
Training PipelinesAirflow, KubeFlowWe run your custom framework
Platform Controlled ByCLI, Web-UI, Rest APIWe embed in your existing process

Try for free on our cloud, with 100 hours of compute. No commitment, no credit card required. Top up your quota whenever needed. Once you've tried it, tell us what you think about your experience and we'll give you another 100 hours for free.

Manage Costs Efficiently
Manage Costs Efficiently
(extract maximum utility from your on-prem machines over the long term)

ML development teams often prefer to use nimble on-premise compute for prototyping (model architecture search, coding, initial tuning). This means you'll need to coordinate the work of many developers, swapping data,ideas and testing approaches. You'll also need to correctly version, state save and document your code. Traditionally, this can be 80%+ of your development effort - and it is completely solved by We provide a uniform development environment so developers feel zero friction transitioning from on-prem to the cloud, and back again.

Manage GPU Time Efficiently
Manage GPU Time Efficiently
(use many cloud machines for a short time)

The cloud is ideal for massive training, tuning and discovery tasks - launching hundreds of simultaneous experiments to pick the best hyper parameters, conducting distributed training deploying multiple models into production to meet SLA requirements. These steps should take under 20% of your model development time, and should boost productivity once the overall direction is set. But cloud costs can quickly spiral out of control if instances are not stopped. Platform manages it all and keeps you in control.

Fully managed service
Fully managed service is your remote MLOps team. We are always on call, just an email or text message away. Receive dedicated office hours with qualified engineers to help you navigate the tricky landscape of ML infrastructure.

Enjoy seamless and efficient collaboration
Enjoy seamless and efficient collaboration

On, you can easily share data sets, models and experiment results. You can save and recover model states and version and archive. Teamwork is crucial to delivery of quality ML solutions, and makes it happen.

Run a tight ship
Run a tight ship

Manage and version your data, models and environments. Never lose track of anything. It is critical to keep track of your work in large projects. keeps you organized, and your projects tidy.

Get productive
Get productive

Deploy effective workflows and compress development time with distributed training and hyperparameter searching. Predict and manage the costs of your initiatives with intuitive reporting.

Be flexible
Be flexible

Extend your environment with the tools and packages of your choice. platform's modular design allows it to be customized to fit your exact requirements. It is compatible with all the major frameworks and tool kits. If you have a tool in mind that your team needs to use, we make sure it is integrated into your workspace.

Dance among the clouds (and on-prem)
Dance among the clouds (and on-prem) makes AWS, GCP, Azure and Oracle (or any other cloud provider) compatible with your on-prem deployment.'s interface allows your developers to seamlessly move between on-prem and the cloud with no transition. can also help you provision pipelines in your own private cloud, whether on your own hardware or on hardware from one of our trusted vendors.

How is different from other data science platforms? is an MLOps service company. We have developed a broad code first ML toolkit that integrates the latest crop of ML capability along with superb crew of engineers and researchers that will help you solve practical problems and function as your remote MLOps team. Our goal is to make sure your developers and engineers are focused on development and work with that 5% of the code that really matters.