Neuro Platform is a tool for machine learning (ML) development, focused on providing a best-in-class developer experience.

Workflow Diagram

Neuro Platform is designed to help ML developers with every aspect of the project lifecycle. The tools for the model training phase can be run on the platform, while the recipes and consulting we provide also support model training, data preparation and model deployment.

Our flexible platform provides a superior developer experience through the smart deployment of best-in-class tools to rapidly prototype applied ML solutions:


Developer Experience#

  • We make it easy for you to start a new project or to integrate existing work into a project.
  • The platform encourages best practices through carefully-designed project templates and a rich collection of tutorials.
  • Complex tasks such as remote debugging, hyperparameter tuning, and training progress monitoring are easy to execute.
  • Common operations are readily accessible through both command-line and browser interfaces.
  • For more advanced scenarios a platform client is available as a Python package.

ML Environments#

  • Our platform provides the basic environment along with all the tools and packages that an ML project requires.
  • Neuro Platform allows you to customize your environment by letting you integrate other tools and packages into your ML frameworks.

Data Ingestion#

  • We’ve made data ingestion seamless. You can load datasets from your local environment, object storage, or web URLs and access them from your ML environment.
  • The platform handles files of all sizes equally well. Files can be synchronized between local and remote environments.
  • For file system management, you can use the command line shell, file browser, or both.

AI Starter Kits#

  • The platform provides examples of ready-to-use ML algorithms. Minimal coding is required for solving comprehensive descriptions of tasks end to end.


  • Engineers can securely share and access ML environments, datasets and development sessions.
  • Non-engineers are also integrated into the process and can upload data and access results.

Bring Your Own Cloud#

  • Our platform can be deployed into and integrated with your own cloud environment. It will utilize the resources and infrastructure of your cloud provider and help to mitigate cloud provider lock-in risk.
  • Your development environment and data continue to reside within your cloud security perimeter.
  • We already support AWS, GCP, and Azure and are ready to support your infrastructure (native iron) on demand.